What We Do


Janus Design specializes in using tailored designs to convey the distinctive corporate image that sets you apart from your competition. Whether you’re creating a new space or updating current quarters, you can count on Janus to deliver the creativity and design acumen needed to bring your corporate vision to life. We provide innovative solutions to create beautiful, functional workspaces while respecting budgets and schedules.

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At Janus Design we collaborate with every client to ensure each interior we create delivers solutions that are beautiful, innovative and true to your personal vision. This ability to design in a way that showcases each client’s unique story is one reason residential clients love Janus Design. Whether creating “one-of-a-kind” elements, or delivering comprehensive interior designs that encompass everything from sophisticated color choices, to artwork and custom window treatments, Janus Design will make your dream a reality.

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Janus Design Group offers Complete Residential and Commercial Interior Design Service Solutions utilizing a proven “8 step” design process that flows from the collaborative relationship between designer and client as we take each project from initial vision, through implementation, to final flourishes.

Step 1: Meet, Brainstorm & Agree – The Initial Client Interview
Step 2: Laying the Groundwork – Research & Preparation
Step 3: Inspire & Collaborate – The “Big Idea” Presentation
Step 4: Concept Options – Integrating Your Vision through Design Analysis
Step 5: Customizing Specifics – Final Design Presentation
Step 6: Implement, Oversee & Construct – Design Team Collaboration
Step 7: Bringing it All Together – Purchasing & Installation
Step 8: Final Flourishes – Add, Adjust, Enjoy

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